Week 1- The Incomplete Manifesto for Personal Growth

I really enjoyed reading “The Incomplete Manifesto for Personal Growth” because I felt really inspired and it made me feel happy. There were actually three or four quotes that I liked so much that I wrote them down on sticky notes and posted them around my apartment. What really stood out to me in this reading is that it made you feel great while reading it. It made you feel as if you could do anything you set your mind to and that you could accomplish every goal you have ever dreamed of. I think the point of us reading this is to let us know that we all have to take risks and get out of our comfort zones. In order for us to learn and grow we need to take risks and fail in order to know what we want to come out of our lives. After reading “The Manifesto…” I expect to have more of an open-mind when it comes to the class and not being so basic and doing everything to the exact guideline. Hopefully, this open-mindness will grow and it will help me grow as a person too, to be different and not always follow with the norm. Lastly, the only artists I really know are the ones whose name you hear quite often, for example: Picasso. However, I do love Frida Kahlo’s and Diego Rivera’s art work. I know a lot of their work because I had taken a Spanish course and we covered their whole lives. I would like to know more about artists who paint, rather than photography, sculpture, etc. I really enjoy any type of painting and usually the story behind that is what grasps my eye.


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