Week 2- The Definition of Art


I agree that this image portrays art because some of the things mentioned in the passage can describe the image. The image is of a girl running. To me, running used to be a very important part of my life, until this past July when I underwent my second ankle surgery. I can no longer engage in any high-impact activities, such as soccer or running, but I’d like to think all I need is a good-period of recovery and therapy and I’ll be back in no time. In the passage, one of the ways art is described is that it is “a kind of representation that is purposive in itself, and though  without an end…”. That is how I look at this image of the girl running. She has no end to her mind while she runs, her mind is at ease and there is nothing but peace and relaxtion taking over her body. It also mentions that “Art is indefinable.” This image is indefinable as well, because you do not know exactly what the image represents: a jog, running from danger, a dream, etc, art can be anything you want it to be. I agree with most of what the reading has to say about art, however, I do not agree with Paul Kristeller. He, whom which thinks there are only five major arts: sculpture, painting, architecture, music and poetry. To conclude with, I would add in the reading that art is not just a painting, poem, or sculpture. Art can be whatever any person wants it to be. It could be a girl running for miles and miles to clear her mind from the world–Now that is what I consider art.


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