Week 3- Comic Character

image image

This is Buttercup from the Powder Puff Girls television show that used to play on Cartoon Network when I was a kid. Buttercup is the fierce looking gal, wearing green and with black hair (like me). I agree with McCloud when he says, “a lack of specific detail in comic characters helps us, the reader, to identify and empathize with them–we position ourselves in the place of these characters.” Buttercup to me, lacked all of the “girly aspects,” she was more of a Tom-boy and this is where I compared myself to her as a kid. Buttercup necessarily was not dressed in boy clothes or only did what boys did, but she was the tough sister. She was the one who showed no emotion, and was very strong-willed, but despite of it all she was very caring with a genuine heart. My other two cousins were much “girlier” than me of course, so they were Bubbles and Blossom (Buttercup’s sisters). I also compared myself to Buttercup because the other two sisters loved playing with dolls, doing hair and makeup, Bubbles whined and cried a lot, and Blossom wore a bow in her hair and her outfit was all pink–I HATE the color pink. I also dislike hair pieces. My favorite color is green too…what a coincidence, eh? I was the cousin who was always outside playing tag, basketball, and soccer with my gym shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing dolls, dress-up, and watching Beauty and The Beast over and over again and it was just the way Buttercup played with her stuffed animals at times too.


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