Week 4 – Memory

I think the idea of reading images applies to each work by telling the story better of what the authors are trying to come across. I feel when they use images they are able to catch the reader’s attention more because we get a visual feel and I felt as if I was actually there during those tough times because you get to see everything they saw or even felt. These types of work I think engage in all three “authorial, authenticity, and artistic because one is based on a true events and was created as a comic, which makes it both authorial and artistic and the reading by Hawkins seems pretty authentic to me because he talks about the Vietnam War and AIDS. He goes on to talk about the Quilt and sculpture memorials that have been created to remember the fallen soldiers or lost ones from AIDS. By using these sculptures, comics, etc., I think the artists were able to manipulate and change reality because they can get us to believe anything and feel like if we are re-living that moment when it happened so long ago or maybe never happened at all. Authors can portray great images and say everything they want to say and as long as we have heard of it in our past history. They can come up with as many stories, comics, plays that they want because we will think it has to be somewhat true if we have heard of it in our past, right?


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