Week 5- Spirituality

Spirituality has been portrayed in many ways. Some of the ways could be certain places, inner spirits, your beliefs, art, nature, religion, silence, and much more. Some historical events could be how in the reading by Russel, she talks a lot about her families roots and where they came from. She talks a lot about how the Native Americans used to have huge percentage of reserves with tribes but since a lot of this land is now owned by the federal government, states, and county a lot of this land has been preserved for forests and only a small percent is still owned by tribes. I think these historical events are very important because no one ever hears about the Native Americans or Alaska Natives and it is always important to know what else is going on outside of the cities we live in. I think art is a huge active metaphor for spirituality because you can express anything you believe in and that is what I think spirituality is. For example, I am catholic and in my studio session I drew a cross with all of my immediate family members in it. My point is, no matter what you decide to draw, paint, etc., about what you think spirituality is, I do not think anyone will ever think you are wrong. Spirituality, can be measured in so many ways just the way art can be. In the Sontag article, it had a lot of meanings that the word “silence” could mean or how someone could respond to silence. However, one line that really struck me was “For, to be a victim of the craving for silence is to be, in still a further sense, superior to everyone else. It suggests that the artist has had the wit to ask more questions than other people, as well as that he possesses stronger nerves and higher standards of excellence” (Sontag 3). I completely agree with this and to me I would relate this to spiritually by thinking of people who are older than I am. Teachers, my parents, grandparents, priest, etc and overall, people who I respect and these people are usually humble, patient, and they all mostly have one thing in common. These people always listen first before speaking. And that right there is where I think being silent has a lot to do with being wise.


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