Week 6 – Play

From what I read and seemed to understand was that Caillois would think negatively because he thought these games were “totalitarian.” Caillois liked to think of himself following “his own presumably open and anti-totalizing schema for a ‘diagonal science’” (Mesch 4). The arguments against play then would be Breton’s views. Breton viewed games as “a kind of a social glue and collective entertainment, and in embarrassment concealed their games as ‘experimental’ activities” (Mesch 4). An example of taxonomy games Caillois mentions is Chess. I do and do not think his taxonomy is sufficient enough for the 21st century just because we are way too advanced now. However, at the same time I do enjoy playing card games or checkers which are pretty similar to chess, because these are classical games and what I mean by this is that no matter how far into the future or how far advanced we get, generations will keep teaching younger generations and younger and so on. I think the way surrealists elevated art games was just by making it more advanced. It is not as simple as chess, whereas, it takes a lot of thought and is highly-competitive. They kept adding more and more ideas to make games simpler and more exciting for entertainment. For example, language games, definition games, If…When’s, and many much more.


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