Week 8- Body & Wire Sculpture

The body on the left is what I think a beautiful body looks like. That is the body I would wish to have some day,  but then at the same time I am also very content with the way my body is. I do not think we should be trying to change ourselves to look like others or have the body that they have. The body on the right is a body that in my opinion, is not beautiful. I just do not like women or girls to be so thin. However, I know some people who it is not their fault that they are that thin. In all words, I think no matter what size anyone comes in they are all beautiful and no one should have to change their appearance to fit-in or feel comfortable. According to the article, I think the body on the left would not be considered beautiful just because she is very strong, whereas contemporary artists may think strong and having a lot of testosterone is for males. Women should have fair skin, thick long hair, and be able to have kids. The body on the right may be a beautiful body for contemporary artists because she is thin, very female-like, and looks like she is able to reproduce. The articles seem to portray not beautiful as bodies that are older, do not have great skin, and are not what society wants to see.


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