Week 9- Media/Technology/Photography

I think video games play a huge role in some people’s lives because they can do whatever they want in the game. You have many games where you can create your own families, own house, the dream-job that you want or there are games where you can be the best race car-driver, villain, etc.This is why I think people get so attached, because in real life you cannot have any of these things without hard-work or consequences. Also, I do think there is a difference between someone taking a video and photography. In order to be able to record you need to know how to hold certain angles on the camera and make others look presentable. Whereas, when you take a picture you are taking it of someone or it’s what you planned to do not recording where its usually all planned out and set. However, I am not a huge fan on video work and photography I sometimes do not think it falls into the “art category.” I consider art to be more free-writing and drawing/painting. I think it is important to know the difference between media, photography, and technology even though they all are similar. Personally, I do not think I relate to any of the 3…maybe technology because I am always on my phone, but I am not a huge picture taker or the one who likes to take a lot of videos.


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