Project Proposal

Materials – I want to use acrylic paint or either water pant for my final studio project. I would like to use water paint just because I love the way it turns out, but it is much harder and I do not think I will be able to paint what I have in mind; I might need to buy my own water colors if I do decide to go this route, because I do not think there is much left in it. I do have my own paint brushes but they are not really great so all the materials I really need are in the classroom. I also was thinking of maybe adding in certain pieces into my painting. Such as old memories of ribbons I have won in the past or just little things of that matter… Not really too sure yet.
Process – I will prepare for this final studio project by keeping ideas in mind and always open to new ideas. I have in mind exactly what I want to draw/paint; however, I am not exactly quite sure how I am going to get it to be that exact way. So for this exact reason, I am not going to keep my mind locked on the image I see in my head, because what if I mess up or a new idea appears. I will use old pictures of myself of me running or playing soccer and then try to sketch those in the best way possible. I plan on combining how much I used to play soccer and run in the past and how I am barely starting it back up. Something in the lines of keeping your eyes on the prize and not giving up after so much time has passed.
Content – My theme of my subject is about not giving up, being strong, and overcoming a certain obstacle to reach that certain goal. I would portray this on a canvas with either acrylic paints or water color. I will be investigating how artists use different methods to get their paintings to turn out the way they want them too. Mixing and adding colors, starting from the top or bottom of the canvas, using certain paint brushes, etc. I think painting is going to be perfect for this project because I can express all my feelings and the final outcome all on canvas.
Finished Product – I hope that my final piece will be a medium-sized-painting on a canvas. I will display it in the classroom if we have time and explain what it means to me. I will know if its finished if all of the items I see in my mind are on the canvas and if my painting is all complete. I think I will have to work on this project at home as well if I would want it to be finished on time because I am not too much of a greater drawer and painter as well.
Time Line –
Studio 3/31 complete rough sketches and talk to instructor, 4/6 fix-up sketching and make sure it is perfect how I want it, 4/13 start to paint my project, 4/20 painting, 4/27 painting, 5/5 hopefully I am done with my project!


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