Week 11- Art & Power

I think when they say power and art are essential means that whomever the artists are, they have to be confident. These artists have to come up with ideas on their own, they have to bring the art from within themselves and then set it out for others to see either by painting, sculpting, etc. I think to be an artists you have to be powerful and do what you want to do. You cannot have any doubts on your work and if you mess up then thats the beauty of art, making mistakes and learning from them and fixing them. Art also can be seen in a variety of ways. Some artists work can make someone feel very, happy, mad, you name it… I am sure there is one type of art that has made someone feel some type of way because their work is powerful. I guess in other words, many of the most successful artists are up for anything and always open to new ideas. They mess up, but continue on that painting and just wait to see what comes out. Sometimes their work just flows and I think that is what it means to be an artists. You have to be willing to work with anything you have or you can think of and then just put all of the pieces together to make something.


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