Week 12- War

I think a lot of people who become artists become one to try to make awareness and struggles of certain people, their country, and in this case women. Artist Zeult, made paintings to try to help the women of the Amazon. She was trying to empower them through her paintings and show the rest of the world what these women were trying to contribute to their country. These women were also very important to Zeult because she thought these women were not recognized and acknowledged for everything they did and this is another reason why she made these paintings. What was so unique about Zeult is that she did not just choose to paint anywhere, you chose to put her paintings where they were going to be seen the most that way people could see them. I think Zeult is a very strong women and she is also showing other women that they can be just as powerful. It is amazing that she is standing up for women and trying to make these women recognized. I think if more women were to follow what Zeult did maybe women would be more powerful and recognized for their hardwork. Especially women that are artists, I feel as if they do not get as much recognition as men do.


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