Week 13- Social Protest

Social activism is really important when it comes to artists. I think this is one of the many ways artists are able to show their work. Artists get the ideas from all the social activism going on and their surroundings to be able to put their work out and what they feel. I think social protesting is important and it is a great way for people to get the word out on what they want to make known. This is where artists come in to help with paintings, graffiti I think is a huge one when it comes down to protesting, but also campaigning is huge too. With campaigning in mind, just think about all of the posters, bulletin boards, commercials, etc. these are all forms of social protest and activism because these people are promoting a certain person and want to make their name known. Music is another great example on how to make others notice or become aware of a certain problem. I think lyrics are very strong and sometimes you may not like a song or not know what they are referring to, but I feel as if every artists who sings or raps is there way of letting people know what they think or how they feel.


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