Week 14- Public Art

One of the exhibitions that really caught my attention was in Africa. The Makoko Floating School I think is a great type of public art. Since this community has a lot of water surrounding it, it was very essential to make this type of schooling. Another type of social protest that was very appealing was the the art in Alexandra. Alexandra is one of the poorest countries and I think it is absolutely amazing that they turned homes into galleries. This country is also known for the Dark City because it has hardly no electricity and they turned roads into performance venues. I think its nice that they show public art through their country even though they do not have a lot. They make whatever they have to good use and make the best out of any situation. I think people that are like this are able to help out their communities even more in the long run because sometimes it should not even matter about money or materialistic things and should care about loving and giving. Lastly, Wallace Ping Hung Chang’s project caught my eye because I believe water is very important. I think it was great to make awareness on all the pollution going on and luckily, this project was successful because the it the Kai Tak River is now alive once again!


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