Final Project Proposal

Materials: For my final project it did come out as expected, but kind of a little different as well. I did want to use acrylic painting or water colors, but I have used water colors before for a project and wanted to do something a little different. At a certain point during the process of my project I got really discouraged and did not even want to draw the evolution of myself or paint, since I could not do either of the both. I ended up using 3 pieces of canvas boards from the studio, their paintbrushes and my own, and the acrylic paints that are there as well. I did not use ribbons as I intentionally wanted because I decided to do 3 canvas and not 1.
Process: My process was a little different because at first I wanted to only focus on myself playing soccer and running because they have been such an important part of my life. I also just wanted to paint one big picture, kind of a collage with these kinds of things in mind. I also wanted to focus on trying to keep your eye on the prize sort of deal, and I kind of did keep that in mind, however, different. I wanted to keep my eye on the prize how my doctor said I could not play sports anymore or do any type of physical activity after my second ankle surgery. I wanted to prove in my painting that he was wrong, because after 5 months of physical therapy and almost a year of rest and recovery I am back to exercising, running, and even playing soccer for fun at times and feel better and stronger than ever. However, I decided to keep my eye on the prize now with my career. Yeah, soccer was a huge part and having to give up playing my senior year at a University was tough, but I think I finally got closure. I think the closure was realizing what I really wanted to do as a career. Going in and out of physical therapy made me want to shift my career path from wanting to become an immigration lawyer to a physical therapist.
Content: My theme of the canvas you can say stayed the same. My theme was sort of a keep your eye on the prize and keep working for what you believe in sort of deal. Talking about beliefs I really related to and would like to incorporate out of all the readings we have done and lectures spirituality. I think of spirituality as faith and as my religion. Whereas others may think of it as nature, symbols, or many other things, but this is what I think of when I hear spirituality. My content is different from where I said I would use only one canvas, water color, and painting top to bottom or vice versa. I imagined my project to kind of be like a free-painting/drawing, but this did not turn out. I noticed I was not able to free-draw or paint without actually sketching.
Finished Product: My finished product is completely different because I only wanted to paint on one medium canvas, however I ended up with three. I wanted to make a collage out of all the important things that have happened in my life and that have impacted my life. I could not fit everything I wanted into just one canvas and I did not know how I would draw myself with everything that is important in my life to surround me or either make up my face and body. I decided to change up my final project and make it an evolutionary process of myself during my whole college career and after what I wish to pursue as a career. In the first three pictures on one canvas is of myself my freshmen year of college. I was very happy, had my boyfriend of 6 years with me, and my family was also still living in Illinois. The second picture portrayed when I was playing soccer at Western Illinois University. I still had my boyfriend but we were in different towns and my family had moved to Texas, so they were gone. My third picture showed two different paths. One showed if I should stay in Macomb and keep playing soccer or if I should go to the University of Illinois. I had these two options because I found out I needed a second surgery and I wouldn’t be able to play soccer anymore. I did not want to stay at the same school knowing all my teammates would still be there and then there was me, not being able to play anymore. It would just hurt too much and I would have always had those thoughts and feelings of thinking I could be playing with them still. So that is why I am here and of course because it is an amazing university. My next three paintings are on my second canvas. These are basically my life right now. The first one is of myself here at the University of Illinois and alone. No one is in the background like my previous paintings. No more boyfriend and my family is all in Texas, so this picture means a lot and the tears with a blank face represent that I was really hurt throughout this whole first year here. My second photo shows how I tried to cope with only going and drinking with friends. I still do that, but I am nowhere near as hurt as I was the previous year. This picture means a lot because the three girls I am always with are there with me giving me a hand. My last picture on this canvas shows how the one aunt and cousin I have left in Illinois have become an important part of my life. My cousin had a baby and this baby means the world to me, I treat her as if she was my own. I also look at it as I did lose someone who meant so much to me and we spent so much together, but now this little girl is the one who holds my heart and means more than the world to me. Lastly, on my last canvas I show what I want my future to look like. I show myself transforming into the person I want to become and I want to leave the hurt, bad decisions, and prideful Krystal in the past. These new three pictures of myself show me working out, eating healthy, and studying really hard. My next one shows myself graduating from U of I and lastly, me working as a Physical Therapist owning my own business. In the end, I was really happy with my project. It is really important to me because these events that have happened have shaped me into the person I wish to become and I leave it all to faith.
Time Line: My timeline definitely was definitely different. On studio 3/31 I did do some rough sketches but in all honestly I had no idea where to start. 4/6 I was on the same method, I did not have any sketches and I was completely lost. I did not know if I wanted to paint anymore or sketch because I could not draw anything. 4/13 I was not nowhere near painting and still stuck in the same as before. 4/20 was when I did actually start sketching and this was on a piece of paper. I was so mad because these drawings took forever and I totally had forgotten that I needed to put them on a canvas! It was not until later on in that week that I started to draw out all my sketches on all of the three canvas. I ended up finishing this on Saturday the 25th. Then all day Sunday 4/26-27th I was painting and finally finished my project that Monday night!


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