Week 12: studio 


Week 12- War

I think a lot of people who become artists become one to try to make awareness and struggles of certain people, their country, and in this case women. Artist Zeult, made paintings to try to help the women of the Amazon. She was trying to empower them through her paintings and show the rest of the world what these women were trying to contribute to their country. These women were also very important to Zeult because she thought these women were not recognized and acknowledged for everything they did and this is another reason why she made these paintings. What was so unique about Zeult is that she did not just choose to paint anywhere, you chose to put her paintings where they were going to be seen the most that way people could see them. I think Zeult is a very strong women and she is also showing other women that they can be just as powerful. It is amazing that she is standing up for women and trying to make these women recognized. I think if more women were to follow what Zeult did maybe women would be more powerful and recognized for their hardwork. Especially women that are artists, I feel as if they do not get as much recognition as men do.

Week 11- Art & Power

I think when they say power and art are essential means that whomever the artists are, they have to be confident. These artists have to come up with ideas on their own, they have to bring the art from within themselves and then set it out for others to see either by painting, sculpting, etc. I think to be an artists you have to be powerful and do what you want to do. You cannot have any doubts on your work and if you mess up then thats the beauty of art, making mistakes and learning from them and fixing them. Art also can be seen in a variety of ways. Some artists work can make someone feel very, happy, mad, you name it… I am sure there is one type of art that has made someone feel some type of way because their work is powerful. I guess in other words, many of the most successful artists are up for anything and always open to new ideas. They mess up, but continue on that painting and just wait to see what comes out. Sometimes their work just flows and I think that is what it means to be an artists. You have to be willing to work with anything you have or you can think of and then just put all of the pieces together to make something.

Project Proposal

Materials – I want to use acrylic paint or either water pant for my final studio project. I would like to use water paint just because I love the way it turns out, but it is much harder and I do not think I will be able to paint what I have in mind; I might need to buy my own water colors if I do decide to go this route, because I do not think there is much left in it. I do have my own paint brushes but they are not really great so all the materials I really need are in the classroom. I also was thinking of maybe adding in certain pieces into my painting. Such as old memories of ribbons I have won in the past or just little things of that matter… Not really too sure yet.
Process – I will prepare for this final studio project by keeping ideas in mind and always open to new ideas. I have in mind exactly what I want to draw/paint; however, I am not exactly quite sure how I am going to get it to be that exact way. So for this exact reason, I am not going to keep my mind locked on the image I see in my head, because what if I mess up or a new idea appears. I will use old pictures of myself of me running or playing soccer and then try to sketch those in the best way possible. I plan on combining how much I used to play soccer and run in the past and how I am barely starting it back up. Something in the lines of keeping your eyes on the prize and not giving up after so much time has passed.
Content – My theme of my subject is about not giving up, being strong, and overcoming a certain obstacle to reach that certain goal. I would portray this on a canvas with either acrylic paints or water color. I will be investigating how artists use different methods to get their paintings to turn out the way they want them too. Mixing and adding colors, starting from the top or bottom of the canvas, using certain paint brushes, etc. I think painting is going to be perfect for this project because I can express all my feelings and the final outcome all on canvas.
Finished Product – I hope that my final piece will be a medium-sized-painting on a canvas. I will display it in the classroom if we have time and explain what it means to me. I will know if its finished if all of the items I see in my mind are on the canvas and if my painting is all complete. I think I will have to work on this project at home as well if I would want it to be finished on time because I am not too much of a greater drawer and painter as well.
Time Line –
Studio 3/31 complete rough sketches and talk to instructor, 4/6 fix-up sketching and make sure it is perfect how I want it, 4/13 start to paint my project, 4/20 painting, 4/27 painting, 5/5 hopefully I am done with my project!

Week 9- Media/Technology/Photography

I think video games play a huge role in some people’s lives because they can do whatever they want in the game. You have many games where you can create your own families, own house, the dream-job that you want or there are games where you can be the best race car-driver, villain, etc.This is why I think people get so attached, because in real life you cannot have any of these things without hard-work or consequences. Also, I do think there is a difference between someone taking a video and photography. In order to be able to record you need to know how to hold certain angles on the camera and make others look presentable. Whereas, when you take a picture you are taking it of someone or it’s what you planned to do not recording where its usually all planned out and set. However, I am not a huge fan on video work and photography I sometimes do not think it falls into the “art category.” I consider art to be more free-writing and drawing/painting. I think it is important to know the difference between media, photography, and technology even though they all are similar. Personally, I do not think I relate to any of the 3…maybe technology because I am always on my phone, but I am not a huge picture taker or the one who likes to take a lot of videos.